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This Blog is all about the work of God. Nothing we do is without the knowledge of our Father. He is the soul provider for everything we do.
We are Mordegai, Toinette, Suzaan,Gideon and Anton Rossouw from Namibia-Africa. . This Blog is all about our lives here in Cambodia while Suzaan works in South Africa. We are real Farmers from Africa and we love life and what it have to offer and enjoy it day by day.

Mordegai travels to remote villages up in the far North of Cambodia, doing much needed medical work ,where no other doctors go, with local pastors as well as the Department of Health of Ratanakiri.

Toinette is at home with the boys. Homeschooling Gideon is a task not for sissies, while Anton is in Eli school. .She joins FGC Community Link Cambodia to the villages close by, teaching local children in an after school setting and also women about Health Issues in a village setting.

We consider us Asians as we live such a long time in Asia, eating rice as a staple food and not meat......

Our motto in life comes from a dear friend:

With common sense and God we
can accomplish a lot

Robin Wales

Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday night prayers 2 Nov.2015

We are starting to count the days down for when we will be at home. Only 22 days still to go. Never in 20 years, I am looking so much forward to a break at home. It will be our first Christmas in 20 years at home and the first one with the boys on Namibian soil. So big excitement is on the menu. 

Both Toinette and I am teaching at Ywam Primary Health Care School for the week. Luckily I am only teaching 2 times and Toinette need to do a bit more than me. Teaching do not come natural to me. Nobody wants to see my gross movies of all my patients and they are normally totally overwhelm when I show them. So next week will be one of that times when I will share, through movies, how you need to pull teeth. Joel Bender, think so much off our first time there on the beach in Ipil. Feels like yesterday that you taught me how to pull teeth. 
Toinette is teaching Maternal Health. Poor boys that need to listen to all of this. So nice to see James there. He is one of the guys that I know the longest in Cambodia and did many outreaches with. Happy to see that he is gearing himself up to do more Health Care under his own tribal people. Just love these Khmer guys that want to go and serve their own people. They are hard to come by.  Pray for the Khmer people to do better in serving their own and that money would not be the only driving force. 

Pray for FGC as they continue their work in the villages. Classes will start this week at new village Ko Rei Sai. We are so thankful for old students that will continue with us. Also pray for new students that will join. Pray for Youth Service on Sundays, that youth will grow spiritually. 
They said farewell to Ampil Piam this last Saturday. They had a very good time with the students as well as the family that hosted the team now for 3 years. We pray that we can still build on our relationships with the people there. The students will come all the way from there to the new village to attend class. We pray that the ones that cannot continue anymore, will find a way to join again. some parents do not want their children to get exposed to Christian activities. 

Not sure what God is telling and showing us at this time. Seems to me we have a bigger ministry helping foreigners through showing hospitality. Our house is a hustle and bustle of people especially from New Zealand. Love the Kiwis and enjoy having fellowship with them. Helps if so many comes that my longing for my best friend Grahame is not so bad. A lot of people find our house a type of halfway house into Cambodia. Luckily, I am at home and cannot do anything else, so enjoy people around me. Pray for us as a family to truly live out the Fruits of the Spirit. 

My leg is doing better but far from being good. If I stand a lot it still swells up. Drives me totally crazy that I cannot go out and help people. Just realize how you can take good Health for granted. I went down to Phnom Penh to see the doctor again. He assured me that my leg is good and that the CRP is negative now. Need to wear a Thrombosis sock now for a month in order to take care of swelling. Not a biggy but it swells up that I need to go and lay down on the bed. Ugggg, do I love this, want to scream when I am hampered with such a small thing. Ok for now, I cancelled all outreaches till we go home at the end of the month and will continue when we come back. 
Praise God that Toinette's back problem is much better. Another couple of minor illnesses made it's rounds in our house, but praise to God that we are doing better.

Last night we were reading Acts 12:1-11 where the the Church started to pray for Peter in the prison. Just because of that he got rescued. So we cannot but say thanks to you all for your prayers


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