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This Blog is all about the work of God. Nothing we do is without the knowledge of our Father. He is the soul provider for everything we do.
We are Mordegai, Toinette, Suzaan, Gideon and Anton Rossouw from Namibia-Africa. . This Blog is all about our lives here in Cambodia while Suzaan works in South Africa. We are real Farmers from Africa and we love life and what it have to offer and enjoy it day by day.

Mordegai travels to remote villages, doing much needed medical work ,where no other doctors go, with local pastors.

Toinette is at home with the boys. Gideon is no longer with us but Anton will finish with Hope school this year and start online classes .Toinette joins FGC Community Link Cambodia to the villages close by, teaching local children in an after school setting and also women about Health Issues in a village setting.

We consider us Asians as we live such a long time in Asia, eating rice as a staple food and not meat......

Our motto in life comes from a dear friend:

With common sense and God we
can accomplish a lot

Robin Wales

Monday, June 27, 2022

Monday night prayers 27 June 2022


Good evening from a very nice steaming hot Siem Reap. Clouds are in the air and thunder going but no rain, ugghh. Then the humidity is on high alert and we sweat buckets hahaha.


Went to the jungle with Anton and Louis. When we arrived in Thor Piang Rosey, we got a surprise from a longtime friend. John was waiting for me. About 13 years back, when we started in the village, I bought John a bike to come and visit the people 2x a week. They started a small Bible study and a small church was planted. Troubles with the pastor from the church made it impossible for Heang and his family (the first Christians) to go to the church. He asked me if he can have church in his house. Heang and his family started to worship in their home and a few people came. A few months ago, he shared with me that John came back and help them again. It is amazing that we are where we started 13 years back! Such a sad thing that the church is literally a stone's throw away.

The next day Heang joined us in the jungle. It was heartwarming to see how Anton was greeted after being away for so long, he was a celebrity. At the church where we slept, the lady came and hug him and put her head so close to his cheek. It is a sign of love that only families do. God gave us a family in Kabal Domrey and we are eternally grateful for that. That was not the last time that happened, when we slept for the night, Pheakadey’s mum came and hug Anton and even sit with him when he was laying down. They remembered him from when he was really small and I gave them a small picture and they said that they remember that boy in the picture.  God blessed us with such beautiful people everywhere.

We went all around on our normal route and lots of people were waiting for us or they even came out to wave us down. In our 2 main places we stop, people did not know we were coming. Communication is really difficult and they did not receive my messages. No problem, I left them the meds and they were happy. On the way, I could tell people to go and get their meds. Off course, we got met with the hospitality you cannot imagine, in Som Poom. They did not know we were coming but made a great meal for us with what they had, real Khmer food, some fermented fish – prohok- and of course some sardines and rice. The boys were not so keen on eating the prohok but Anton tried and win brownie points. It is an acquired taste. We even had a fan in the middle of the jungle, solar of course, we could sleep under blankets later, nice and cool.

Please pray for:

Noah’s wound was not nice this morning. I had to get rid of lots of maggots. She did not clean it for 4 days. Luckily the maggots ate the wound nice and clean.

I met another man, who had a stroke and he also has big bedsore. He is only laying on the floor and his children is looking after him.

Judy Johnson is back at home in hospice care.

Uncle Niko is busy with his Radiation therapy.

Thank God all the staff of FGC Cambodia is in Malaysia and finally free from Covid. Pray for their time there to be fruitful.


Thank you once again for praying for us. We are privileged to have so many people praying with us. Please do write to us.




Monday, June 20, 2022

Monday night prayers 20 June 2022

 Good Evening

Last week the children in Acts prepared Father's Day cards to give to their Dads.  The card has their handprint on it and they wrote in Khmer "When you hold my hand, you hold my heart". These words stayed with me throughout the week. What a responsibility and reminder for us as parents and working with children. Honestly, throughout this grieving, I've held my heart back from God, asking Him to help us and guide us but not trusting Him with our broken hearts.

Most of the staff of FGC community link fell sick last week. Some had to cancel their flights to Malaysia. Twans has been sick too. Most of them are over the worst. Please continue to pray for healing and also for guidance on new travel arrangements and clear PCR tests. Pray for the team to Malaysia, as they have to share their testimonies and give reports of their work here. For the guidance of the Holy Spirit when they share and that people's hearts will be touched.

Mordegai, Anton, and Louis are planning to go on outreach from Wednesday. Anton's first motorbike trip in the jungle on outreach! Please pray for protection and wisdom during the health checkups as well. 


Monday, June 13, 2022

Monday night prayer 13 June 2022


Good evening everyone

This week was a real roller coaster ride for us. Both Toinette and I experience real longing for Gideon and it made it a real tuff week just to get going. I think some of the reason is that we have so many friends that are going through some tuff times and it reminds us once again. Sorry to always bother you with our details, but we really love you all praying for us. We are so privileged to have so many friends that pray for us.

While Toinette was on a retreat, Anton and I took the bikes and went on a nice ride through the jungle near our house. We missed Gideon on the bike as he always was wild and had to hold him down. We enjoyed the countryside and could get our minds cleared once again. We stopped at our good friend Abraham and we were in good timing to listen to him, finishing his devotional time with his family. Anton said afterward that Uncle Abraham is a good teacher. We both love listening to him talking about the power of our God.

Toinette is working full days now in the village, teaching children. She comes home and is really tired from the heat. She is experiencing a lot of body pains lately and maybe it’s due to the heat. Please pray for Indin as she experiences some fever and runny nose. They are leaving on Wednesday for Malaysia and still need to clear a PCR test. Pray for the whole group of people from FGC who will participate in this outreach to Malaysia.

Please pray for the following people:

Our friend that experience a possible miscarriage is doing well and the baby is doing just fine. Pray for them as they will travel soon.

Pray for Judy Johnson as she is in hospice care right now due to her cancer.

Pray for Uncle Niko. His cancer started to flare up again and he will go soon for some radiation.

Please pray for Noah who is just living on the street with cancer. This girl amazes me with her resilience.  Never will she complain.

Please pray for our good friend Susan in the Philippines. It is now 2 weeks that she is in hospital with difficulty breathing. Pray for complete healing.


The Lord reminds us that we need to trust Him and let He guide our steps. Let’s go out this week, trusting God and letting Him in on all our walks we will walk this week.



Monday, June 6, 2022

Monday night prayers 6 June 2022


Sorry for not writing last Monday. We were still up North and came home on Tuesday. We went to Stung Treng and slept one night over and the next day we went all the way to Ratanakiri. We went to meet with a doctor from Malaysia, who is running a school where children with autism are included in the class as well. They also do therapy as well.  It was good and encouraging to talk with her about possible networking and further training for Twans. It was also very hard emotionally because autism and the path our brave Gideon had to walk was not an easy road. I think this will be good to use in the future. We are not sure what God has in the future for us. The next day it was back to Stung Treng again and we celebrated Toinette’s birthday together with our Khmer friends.  

This Saturday night it was Anton’s Year 10 graduation dinner as Hope School here is only till grade 10. It was nice to see our big boy dress up pretty smart and hang out with some friends at a real cool BBQ place in town, while mum and dad were just next door with a good friend.  It was a bitter-sweet moment not having Gideon with us.

We just came back from the Year-end function at school tonight. Anton had to say a few words and he did really well. He will be missed at school. Hopefully, by the grace of God, he will be able to do online Cambridge soon. We are just waiting for his exam results in July. Tomorrow Anton and dad will be on the bus to the big city so he can write his last exam on Wednesday. Please keep him in your prayers and pray for safe traveling back and forth.

Poor Noah is a bit in shock after they broke down her “palace” due to construction on the road. She was just sitting next to the road and sleeping in a box during the night. I bought her a small bed hoping she would at least stay on it and not on the ground all the time. Made a little shade for her but we need to wait for them to finish the road before we can do any structure for her. Considering everything she is doing pretty well. My friend Isaack came along yesterday and we could visit quite well. She was more concerned about the ants biting her than her nasty big wound.  

Twans is full time in the village for the next 2 months. She loves being with the students. She shared this after their last home visitation. We will not put a picture or real names to protect the children. “I and Mary visited one of the primary students ‘ homes today. It is an election so the mother was at home. The student (8 yr old) and her brother (4yr) were covered in skin rashes and scabies. The mother shared that she is never home, she works near Phnom Penh to earn money and the father is a truck driver so the children are home alone most of the time. The mom makes a big bottle of prohok (smelly fermented small fish) and that is what the children eat till she can come home again. As we left the home, Mary said to me “Teacher, how sad for the children to not have a mother’s love near them every day”. Yes I know there are so many even worse situations but that does not take away from the intensity of hardship. We realized again as teachers we must be open vessels for God’s love each day.

Please keep in touch and may this week be a special week for you all. Remember now that the world is coming to a bit more normal, our home is always open for you to come and visit.



Monday, May 23, 2022

Monday night prayers 23 May 2022


It is nice to have my family around me again. All of us are back in Siem Reap as Anton finished his exam except for one more 45minutes test in 2 weeks’ time. Need to travel 7 hours on the bus, stay 2 nights and come back again, ugghhhh. Thank you for all your prayer. Anton says he thinks he will pass. Results come out in July. For yr. 11 and 12 we plan to enroll him in a Cambridge Homeschool program as the international school fees here are too high.

 Twans shares how special it was to stay in the Chinese Church in Phnom Penh for this time. The whole neighborhood was Chinese so it felt a bit like Chinatown.  The kitchen was a real Chinese kitchen full of little containers and small plastic bags filled with unknown substances (maybe mushrooms, veggies, sticks, teas, dried noodles, spices, herbs, etc)  The church members were so hospitable and friendly. This church is also an outreach from the FGC Johor Baru Church in Malaysia. Waking up to Chinese worship on Sunday mornings gave a small glimpse of how every nation and tongue will worship Him and acknowledge that He is King. Please pray for this church.

Noah needs to move and my friend Bear and the security guard helped to break her house down and get rid of all the garbage. Believe me, you do not want to see what it looks like. In my life, I have never seen such a mess and so many plastic bottles in a million little bags. The garbage collector worked himself sick and could not be there today. This move is very hard for Noah, we try to help her through this. Well her wound looks bad but she is taking better care of it. Due to pain, I am limited in how much I can clean and basically just change the bandages. Continue to pray for her.

Twans could be with a young couple with pregnancy complications. Please pray for this couple, for a safe pregnancy and delivery. Praise God for a kind doctor and competent help for them (which is not always easy to find).

Thank you very much for praying with us.



Monday, May 16, 2022

Monday night prayers 16 May 2022


Good day to you all

I just came back from the jungle on Saturday night. Being off-grid for a while makes the world go around. When you drive into the jungle it seems that time stands still and you can finally breathe and relax. There are lots of mud, for you that know me, that means we can play, hahaha. Love raining season as it starts early this year.

Having good friends accompany me is always a plus for the trip. Manoj and Yong are always good riders to be with. They do all the visiting with people while I do medical work. With the number of people now in the jungle it is necessary to tell people about the love of the Lord and just showing up in their surroundings, makes already a big difference. Their smiles when they get a headache tablet or vitamin is precious as things like that are a far ride out on a bike and a day off work which they cannot afford. Some of them are old and life is taking its toll in a harsh environment.

Then there are the precious people or family we stay with. Pheakday and his family are truly a family to us over time.  It is humbling to see people working so hard, mining gold, and barely making a living. Day in and day out his mum is sitting in the bottom of a 10meters hole, in the muddy water and sucking up precious soil in search of gold. You would think that they make a good living but by the time they sell it to the middleman and deduct all costs, it is barely a living. Other people are farming with Cashew nuts which are also very hard as they do not get anything for the product. This year they get like U$0.50/kg for cashews. Now how do you live with that? Now Cassava is a better crop at U$0.75/kg but till the market gets saturated and then the price drop again. All the work and wait for 9 months and then a small income, but people need cash to live and they do not mind working hard.

It is always an interest to me how hard these farmers work. When I was a boy, I watch my dad working so hard on the farm also to get nothing out of our products. I guess when the world change and stupid people think they know best, the farmer needs to suffer.  It is the same story all over the world. People in the office make decisions that make no sense at all. Instead of caring for people they rather care for their pockets, that makes me sad. All I know is that one day there will be an equal outcome when Jesus will be here again.

Poor Noah had to fend for herself for 4 days and I was impressed with her ability to look after herself. The wound was not that bad this time and no maggots inside. Seems that she made an effort this time. I need to go to Phnom Pehn for 4 days again so please pray that she continues to clean her wound.

Anton will finish part of his exams this week and then just 2 more papers scattered over a few weeks. According to him, he is doing just fine, hmmm, how you know teenagers and their lack of communication. He tells me that he has had enough of being with his mum in a room for this long, hahaha. Please pray for him as he is still writing a few hard exams this week. I will go down on Wednesday as we want to commemorate Gideon’s 19th birthday. Please pray for that, just thinking about that makes me teary. Man, that boy is missed so much.

Thank you for listening to some ramblings but please tell us about your frustrations on your side of the globe.