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This Blog is all about the work of God. Nothing we do is without the knowledge of our Father. He is the soul provider for everything we do.
We are Mordegai, Toinette, Suzaan,Gideon and Anton Rossouw from Namibia-Africa. . This Blog is all about our lives here in Cambodia while Suzaan works in South Africa. We are real Farmers from Africa and we love life and what it have to offer and enjoy it day by day.

Mordegai travels to remote villages up in the far North of Cambodia, doing much needed medical work ,where no other doctors go, with local pastors as well as the Department of Health of Ratanakiri.

Toinette is at home with the boys. Homeschooling Gideon is a task not for sissies, while Anton is in Eli school. .She joins FGC Community Link Cambodia to the villages close by, teaching local children in an after school setting and also women about Health Issues in a village setting.

We consider us Asians as we live such a long time in Asia, eating rice as a staple food and not meat......

Our motto in life comes from a dear friend:

With common sense and God we
can accomplish a lot

Robin Wales

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday night prayers 27 Feb 2017

Sure many missionary can relate to this kind of problems we are facing at this time. This culture is definitely giving me the headaches that nothing else can give. Disappointments are most properly the worse part of all of this. Being confronted with people that are in power and abuse that in such a level that want to make you scream…….

Just talk to a friend this morning about a very serious case of neglect/abuse that is circulating the media. They got a call on Saturday from the hospital to help an 18 year old girl as the hospital cannot help anymore. She had a sinus operation that went horribly wrong and now her face is already eaten away. She is barely alive and because of all the gangrene, she is hanging on for dear life. They transported her to Phnom Penh where the hospital refuses to accept her and finally they got her into a private hospital.
O my this world is so cruel

Had to cancel an outreach this week as my friend John’s sister gave birth to a 34 week little boy. He started to bleed from his nose and bottom and they had to rush him to hospital. The taxi asked them U$550 to bring them and then they took the bike and drove 80km by dust/rough road till the highway and took a local taxi further and that with small Joshua in his mum’s arms. Talking about being cruel, these taxi drivers just take advantage of people when they are in need. He is now in the children’s hospital in Siem Reap and is doing much better. Went and visit him yesterday and he was full of energy. Pray for this family as it is their first baby. They are Sok Chea and Srey Mom and bay Joshua.

 The small baby from Ratanakiri with Ulcerated Hemangioma is doing just fine. They are doing wound care for her and although she still has a way to go, she is doing much better. Not sure for how long they will be in hospital anymore.

 Please pray for the local church in Kabal Domrey. In John’s own words:
“”Thank you Lord for this morning worship. Today we have receive new believers come to church. This men is a spiritual man. And now he except Jesus Christ into his life and to be his God. Praise God for the most amazing plans for him.””
Now that he see that his powers is not working he comes to receive real healing from God. May this be a milestone in the church?

Please pray for my outreach this week as I will travel to Stung Treng to pull some teeth. I will work with AOC. Pray for safe travels and save extractions and the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

An update on my friend’s child that is in jail for drug abuse. In his own words.
“”My wife went to see a lawyer this afternoon who was recommended to her by the police (!). She said he was "friendly" and did not seem to believe she was rich, so he promised to look into the case and named his price at around $2,000 all included to get the boy out of jail. You can imagine what a not so friendly lawyer who thinks you are rich would be charging ..””
Continue for our children and this really big drug problem.

I am sure you have the same problems in your neck of the woods. Please share to us so we can also pray for you. May this week be an excellent week for you all.



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