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This Blog is all about the work of God. Nothing we do is without the knowledge of our Father. He is the soul provider for everything we do.
We are Mordegai, Toinette, Suzaan,Gideon and Anton Rossouw from Namibia-Africa. . This Blog is all about our lives here in Cambodia while Suzaan works in South Africa. We are real Farmers from Africa and we love life and what it have to offer and enjoy it day by day.

Mordegai travels to remote villages up in the far North of Cambodia, doing much needed medical work ,where no other doctors go, with local pastors as well as the Department of Health of Ratanakiri.

Toinette is at home with the boys. Homeschooling Gideon is a task not for sissies, while Anton is in Eli school. .She joins FGC Community Link Cambodia to the villages close by, teaching local children in an after school setting and also women about Health Issues in a village setting.

We consider us Asians as we live such a long time in Asia, eating rice as a staple food and not meat......

Our motto in life comes from a dear friend:

With common sense and God we
can accomplish a lot

Robin Wales

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday night prayers 25 April 2016

Seems that this heat is never-ending. I have flash backs from our days on the farm. There we had no electricity, so no fans and we slept outside in the night, because it was just too hot. I am struggling to think how we survived that Namib heat. We are so comfortable in our ways today that being without small things can bring havoc in our societies.
Problems that Cambodia is facing are very similar to problems we have in Namibia. The only difference is that Cambodians are used to have lots of water and now there is none, where we do not have much water, all the time. Reports of this drought and heat are in everyday newspaper. Please pray with us for rain. The farmers can do nothing without rain.

“”Record-breaking temperatures and drought are wreaking havoc across the Kingdom as officials yesterday reported the die-off of an estimated 65 tonnes of fish in Kampong Thom’s Tonle Chhmar protected area and warned the entire fish population of the lake may perish.””

More news on Julie Ann Passon:”” Praise God! After the awful prep and desire to eat or drink anything in sight, I had my procedure this afternoon. When the physician came in he said "Well, did you see your labs?" I told him I had not. He then informed me that I had Campylobacter jejuni, a nasty intestinal bacterial infection that they see 2 or 3 times a year. He then completed the procedure and found an ulcer from the bacteria, which is what looked like a "tumor" on CT. They took a few samples and a polyp, but as of today there is no cancer!!! I just need to get healed up and feel better, but for now I am so thankful and blessed! Thank you for your constant support, love, and prayers!!!””

Pray for our friends Jacob and Carmen. They are on their way to Tanzania but got some hiccups to deal with. In their own words:”” Amidst all the beauty of spring, we have run into some unexpected bumps. The couple we will be replacing in Tanzania was back in the States for a short furlough. However, instead of returning to Tanzania as scheduled, Steve experienced unexpected heart attack symptoms which led to the discovery of a blocked artery. Following stent surgery, his heart abruptly stopped for 30 seconds. Though placement of the stent and then a pacemaker was successful, they are now unclear as to whether he will be able to continue flying. They expect it should take at least six months or more to sort out these health issues.
As such, the Tanzania flight program will be temporarily down. It is possible that our departure in early August will be delayed. We do not yet know all the changes this will bring for everyone involved. Please pray for wisdom, patience, and direction.

Our prayer for Syria:    
Psalm 36:11 “May the foot of the proud not come against me, nor the hand of the wicked drive me away.”
Thank You Jesus for Your protection. Thank You that You honour the humble and bring down the proud. Jesus, when Syrians are under Your protection, the hand of the wicked must submit to YOUR authority. Jesus, we stand with You!!
As I read the headlines, I feel like I’m on a seesaw of a never ending battle, with both sides losing… “More troops to Syria”; “City recaptured from IS”; “IS pushed out of another city”; “IS captures city”; “Syria truce in danger”; “Plea to take 3000 child refugees”. Our flight is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities of the evil one.
Father God, I pray that as this war rages on, and as confusion and fear prevail, I pray and plead that deep down in every heart, that this battle will be about fleeing darkness and running to the light. Jesus, please expose EVERY lie! Jesus, we thank You that you DID die for their sins. Jesus, You HAVE invited them into a relationship and salvation through You. Jesus, You ARE the only way. Jesus, may they receive You!!

I am in Stung Treng today and tomorrow we will take a drive down river to see if we can make new contacts for possible outreaches. There is an island not very far from town that we want to go and explore. Pray for protection as we will travel on bike.

Please pray for our friends Jared and Emily Reid as they are under a lot of stress with work as well as trying just to live a normal life her in Cambodia.

Please pray also for our friends Ben and Hannah. They are in the process of finding their role in being here in Cambodia and possible changes in the near future.

As you can see, the enemy is busy and alive here in Cambodia. But our God is bigger en better. Can I get an Amen for that? Good things are happening here and he is not happy about that but we need to be faithful to the One that is above everyone else. Reading with the boys through Daniel, challenge us every night on how we need to have faith in God.
Great week to you all


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