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This Blog is all about the work of God. Nothing we do is without the knowledge of our Father. He is the soul provider for everything we do.
We are Mordegai, Toinette, Suzaan,Gideon and Anton Rossouw from Namibia-Africa. . This Blog is all about our lives here in Cambodia while Suzaan works in South Africa. We are real Farmers from Africa and we love life and what it have to offer and enjoy it day by day.

Mordegai travels to remote villages up in the far North of Cambodia, doing much needed medical work ,where no other doctors go, with local pastors as well as the Department of Health of Ratanakiri.

Toinette is at home with the boys. Homeschooling Gideon is a task not for sissies, while Anton is in Eli school. .She joins FGC Community Link Cambodia to the villages close by, teaching local children in an after school setting and also women about Health Issues in a village setting.

We consider us Asians as we live such a long time in Asia, eating rice as a staple food and not meat......

Our motto in life comes from a dear friend:

With common sense and God we
can accomplish a lot

Robin Wales

Saturday, March 27, 2010


As I was asking God to give me more work, another man came into our lives. His name is Junjun. He is 21 years old. He and his friend was attacked and stabbed with knifes. His friend died and he lived. He was stabbed 3 times and now he is paralyzed in one leg. Because of the long time he had to spent in the hospital he developed a big bedsore on his back. Then to make things worse is the fact that they asked him to leave the hospital as they could not pay for medicines and the doctor just instructed them to do homecare. They did a good job but had no way of buying some meds and care for more than he needed. His mother , Josy, came to the clinic and asked for help and July phoned me to come and help. Praise God, they were so happy to have me in their home. Again I had to see how much luxury we have comparing to what the poor people must live with. Their house is falling apart and then there is someone else living underneath their house. I could not believe when I saw it. Such poverty is hard to understand. Then you appreciate everything you have.

I am asking my good friend Dr Wong to help me treating the wound and we need to do an operation later on to close the wound. Because of all your prayers and gifts we will be able to do something like that. We bought him a watermatress to sleep on as he is only sleeping on the hard floor and that is not good for bedsores. This morning he looked a lot better than yesterday. It is a big wound and we ask your prayers for this one. It will take time and we need to seek God for healing. Sorry I cannot send some of you a photo as I do not have access to a digital, right now.

Praise God that Junjun is doing better. His wound is healing very well. His mother came one morning and said we need to come because he is crying. I took July and Sharon with. When we came there, his stomach was swelled up and his whole body was in pain. To say the truth, he was in agony. Well July showed me how to put in a catheter and I must say this is something I would rather leave for the pros. Not to be. After one day I had to do it cause he had a Urinary tract infection. July was on duty and she asked me to do it. Well, scared I was, but had to do it. We prayed and thank God it works well. That was a first and I must say I am so happy that I got it right the first time. Gave the mother some tablets to give for him in the night and behold, she lost it. This morning when I came there, he had fever again and his stomach was painful AGAIN. I could scream. But we need to put that aside and give again and he was ok by nighttime.

Dr Wong accompanied me on Saturday to him and did we have a good laugh. When he walk into the home he took Junjun by the legs and started to move him around cause he said that he is not moving enough. He instructed us to make him a pull-up thing so that he can pull himself up and do some exercises.

He became so strong doing his excersice that by the time I gave him a pair of crutches , he was off like a rocket. He was so happy to be out and about again. It did him the world of good to walk freely again. HE got control over his bladder and no more use for the stupid catheter. We were so glad that one was over. He did well for a young man and improve so much. Later I bought him a special shoe that fits his leg as he still have the drop-foot. This is heavy but enable him to walk like normal.

Many years past and we can see him quite regular. He is always happy to see us and talk about how good life is for him. Praise God for this young man's life.

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